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NEW puppies Januar 2015 - G

Puppies born January 24, 2015

Why buy a Tibetan mastiff kennel from RE-HLA

BORA REHLA  ( Czech-Tibetan line)
   Tseepo Lobsang To Gangkar ( Indo-Estonian line) 

Here you will find pictures and videos of our puppies



 father:Tseepo Lobsang To Gangkar 



  test  result 
  DBK (HD, DKK) A/A (0/0)
  DLK (ED) 0/0
  ophthalmic test complete OK
  test thyroid   OK
  DNA test  yes 


son CH. Raja of Saras and ICH. Haryana Tseepo Gangkar  Imported from Estonia, boy is black and tan,  with long service hair.

The dog holds exhibition awards and titles: Slovak, Slovak champion young, Club Junior Champion, Winner of Slovakia 2013, Young Winner of the special exhibition 2011
, 2 x CAJC, 3x CAC, 3x BOB, BIG 1.miesto!!!



matka: BORA RE-HLA

is a successful successor Badua Grags-pa Multichampion first sable color in Europe.
My mother is also a direct descendant of the dog Tianwei Yuanyuan of China's major kennel.

its unique nature is essential for you to take home tipical Tibetan mastiff

  DBK (HD, DKK) A/A (0/0)
  DLK (ED) OK without Defects  
  eyes healthy OK
  test thyroid   OK
  DNA test  Failure to carry


Titles: excellent 1, CAC (candidate Champion), Regional Winner




We have prepared a single connection between two individuals Tibetan dog, this design has a great success at exhibitions and is well equipped with properties that provide great companion for your family, children and guard your home.
The puppies are socialized with all our family and used to small children. 
Always choose such parents to future owners have facilitated the education of your future companion and if they want to go to exhibitions were successful and had an excellent breeding individuals and families especially great companion and all their members.
As the only kennel provide training for Tibetan dog, he turns to us and the owners of other breeds of puppies. stations with them on this issue and did not say anything they want advice. We 36let experience with training dogs.
expects puppies color: black with dark red and tan, black with a light tan, blue and tan, blue, black
grandfather and grandmother:
CH. Raja of Saras and ICH. Haryana Tseepo Gangkar

Haryana a Raja

grandfather CH. Raja of Saras

imported from India, a new unrelated blood, black and tan, Champion of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Finland, Slovenia, the Baltic, Reserve World Winer (R.CACIB) at the World Exhibition in 2010, height 76 cm, HD 0/0, ophthalmic certif OK

Raja of Saras

grandmother: ICH. Haryana Tseepo Gangkar

blue and tan, International Champion, Champion of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, ...... Height 65 cm, HD 0/0

Haryana Tseepo Gangkar

grandmother and grandfather:

CH. Badua Grags-pa a Tianwei Yuanyuan

grandmother CH. Badua Grags-pa

first multi champion sable color in Europe, World Winner 2013, Champion of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, 2x Club Champion, Grand Champion, Junior Champion, Veteran Champion of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

HD 0/0


 grandfather Tianwei Yuanyuan

Tianwei is a beautiful dog with a decent nature and is inserted to feel the spirit of Tibet. This is the first dog imported from China and is the direct descendant of the parents of Tibet

HD 0/0