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Who's Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetian Mastiff (Do Khyi), whos history begans 4000years ago.In Middle Assia in Tibet 3rd century B.C. were this huge dogs an old working breed of Chanell pinners  Himalaya and becomes a traditional guad of monastery.Tibetian Mastiff were honour to Alexandr Makenodski for hounting the lions and elefants.Obrazek

Quality from this dogs was highly respected from antique Romans.  Mentioned from
Aristotels (384/ 322 B.C.) till the Marco Polos writing (who traveled in Asia in year 1271), all historical sources highly value the  natural power and nobless from 
Do-Khyi – from mentally and physical aspect. Even what their barking was decribed as unique and high valued character to the breed. European signifikant  cynologiest like Mrtin and Youatt, Megnin, Beckamann, Siber also Strebel and Bylandt were intesive in handle with  Do-Khyi, because they were facinated by  their history and funktion in
tibetian culture. Some of them though that  Do-Khyi are primary predecessors of
all mountain dogs and mastiff dogs .
One of the firs  Do-Khyi who came to the west coast, was a dog send in year 1847
Queen Victory by lord Harding (indic viceroy). Later in 80. years 19.century
took 2 dogs to England Edward VII., Prince of Wales. Firs registrated brood of
Do-Khyi was born 1898 in Berlins ZOO. In 70 years of 20 century import also the
actor Alan Delon from his visit in Tibet 2 of this dogs.

Nature and Development
Do-Khyi is a little introvert and seems very majestic, is inteligent and independent. It is a dog patrician.
Do-Khyi is the best protector and respects all commands. Do-Khyi is very teachable, able to master well the basic education, when you start at the right time. You can not expect the obedience as by the service breeds. Is very faithful to the family and its territory. When it meets from its firts moment other pets, it will protect them. It is very patient to the children, it is not offensive but even if we have to take look as the owner and parents for our kids that the the Do-Khyi is not hurtet. It does not look for conflicts and on the walks is troublefree. To strange people is demurely and if it is all in order, it will welcome the visit and will remember them for a long time. It could not be enchain or to be placed in pen-ful. You should look for other breed to like to keep the dog in the pen-full. Agressive bahavior is not suitable. An unfair punishment will hurt it very much. It forget not the good as well the bad things. All made by it is in calmness and after a forethought. It loves to be outside as well inside, but most the time by its owner. Likes free, to get the best view it looks for the uphill places. Spend the day usually at its favourite place, where it get the best overview about the whole territory. Could be the whole year outside, likes not much closed places. Loves walks and the offten and longer they are the more happy the Do-Khyi is.Obrazek

The care about the coat is easy. It is enough once a week to brush up, only in spring time / time the lose it's coat / you need to brush up more often. When the Do-Khyi became wet, shurg it off and soon will become dry. Thanks the ingenious structure the water will not come to the skin. Curiosity of this breed is that it does not smell. Do-Khyi has not predisposion to illnesses. It is necessary to feed on with a high-quality nutriment. Do-Khyi is not a heavy eater regarding to the robustness the breed. Do-Khyi bitch ruts once a year / mostly in autumn.