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About Us

From the first day I get the honour to meet a dog royalty and I have to deserve her trust, as the climber in the Tibetian Hymalayas. As longer I live with with Tibetan Mastiff the more I canťt go without her.

History of  kennel Re-Hla

Our breeding station  was registred in year 2007. Even if I attend to cynology long time ago. My starts are in 80years of the last century when my parents started to breed and train the dogs. My parents are a very successful breeders with an excelent results in breeding and training of the dogs. Also I became to have a dogs as a hobby – desire – and I love to continue in our family tradition – speciality on Tibetan Mastiff (Do-Khyi).
Already as a little boy I was taking part on all activities and issues around cynology – starts with the births and taking cares of puppy. As well I had active attend to sport breeding and participating on many cynological competitions.

My first short steps in the dogs world were joined to little black schnauzers. When I grew up I discover an amazing breed – Neapolitan Mastiff and Pug – it was on the World exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic. I got a dog from both of this breeds and it was a wonderful part of my live to be with them. During this time I find out the beauty of mastiff character.                                                                                          

Regading to my remove from Prague to a small village Lounin in Czech carst near by the Křivoklát woods and Karlštejn castle – to the Beroun´s bears country, I was looking for a breed which is an excelent companion and will go with me in any wetter for a walking and also can secure the family and properties of his lord.

In the year 2002 I recognize a nice, heavy and dignified breed – Tibetan mastiff. Tibetan mastiff fascinated me by its majesty and wonderful character. I started to active looking for my first Tebetan mastiff.     

 I saw a lot of exhibitions and visited a several breeders in Czech Republic and also abroad. My findings were that not each breeder is the right breeder and that not all imports from abroad are the right – I make decision to take a female dog from czech breeders – where are all generations and owners are well known.       

01.03.2005 was a new member of our family born and from the first moment I could see how Bady (Badua Grags-pa) grew up and in. She became a founder of a new line Tibetan mastiff in Czech Republic not only for her unique sable colour but also because of her outdoor and temperament quality which I hope to keep and develop in the future and take a part of increasing the quality in the world breed of Tibetan mastiff.   

You will find by us breeds female dogs from our raising, which are in direct line and you will have an opportunity to rewiev if breeding station Re-hla is walking the right way to achieve all goalsettings.

In our kennel on 5 December 2010 was gradually extended by 2 girls from our Tibetan dog breed Arka Re-Hla and Bora Re-Hla. Both are in terms of exterior herein without mistakes and what not satisfy my idea of the Tibetan mastiff, but the canine to the public, as evidenced show results Arka Re-Hla, which is still in the show better success than her mother Badua the same age. Bora Re-Hla is female, father Tianwei Yuanyuan, who brought to our holding non-European blood directly from the homeland of Tibetan Mastiffs and true copy of his father and his character is a mother. I am glad we are able to meet our targets and quality that we  and we reward not just people interested in a puppy from our kennel, but also the fact that our exhibitions výtězství appreciate the Tibetan farmers and dog owners and glossed with us for our quality puppies.

We believe that we will continue to contribute to breed Tibetan Mastiffs as we had previously marked out, and will reward us health and happiness of our dogs and puppies from our kennel.
Best Regards,
René Hlavatý