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Code of Ethics RE-HLA - why buy a Tibetan mastiff kennel RE-HLA

Code of Ethics RE-HLA - why buy a Tibetan mastiff kennel RE-HLA

We are the first Tibetan dog kennel with a public code of ethics.

Long experience with breeding and training of dogs - from r. 1979

(Do not) want a future champion, okay, so i get from us a dog laying on the show will not lose a lot of our puppies are champions of the countries where they live.

None of our females have more than 2 litters in their lifetime - the health and lives of our dogs cool for us in the first place

We always have only one litter a year - we are not breeders.

You decide to have in the future puppies themselves - everything to help you.

We breed only on health jedincích- which confirm many preventive examinations not only necessary for breeding.

We do not own stud dog - always looking for the best father for the future health of our puppies and beauty of the individual.

Our goal is to breed quality and not multiplication.

Breeding for us is just a great hobby, which live our whole family.

Everything you openly show and explain all of our females are familiar.

Puppy socialization takes place with our entire family.

    (Ie. The puppies are in contact with young children, our family dog, visits)

Our dogs or puppies are not locked in their pens and paddocks, but they run across the garden of 3000 m2

The garden is acquainted with things that are also in your garden.

Help with the education of the Tibetan mastiff.

We will help with training puppies Tibetan Mastiff.

We will not say that Tibetan Mastiff practicing, and educates itself - every dog needs training and know how to listen and so will become your best companion and protector.

We actively in contact with you and you will come to see how the puppy benefits.

If you decide to get in time with us to book a puppy and you pass a small deposit on time, you get:

Europas to have an opportunity to travel outside the Republic

The collar, which is growing puppy.

Leash for dog training and walking.

Toy puppy that angry.

vaccination certificate

Lifetime registration in the database of animals - free, in case that you lost a dog to turn quickly found and returned to your home.

Sami invent a name for the puppy, which will suit him.

This Code of Ethics is the intellectual vlastnictvým René and Alena Hlavatých, we will be happy if more kennels, which will adhere to this Code and we will publish it here.