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My name is DORA
Vrrr woof woof or hello.
I am a new member of our family.
My mom's Arka RE-HLA I was black and tan, my dad called Coro Kejík.
I write in the season, when the great outdoors are hot and it is a terrible bore, all lying under the garage and did not budge one bit in the evening, because it is a little better.
And How it actually looks now?
The oldest and wisest there's my grandmother Badua Grags-pa, then there's my mom Arka RE-HLAaunt and Bora RE-HLA. I prefer aunt Bora, that he plays with me and with her terrible fun. Sometimes I let my aunt to win to have a feeling that is stronger, but she is very agile and fast, so I think that probably keeps winning she actually me.

Mom Arka is too great, but I go to eat, so on her sometimes I have to grunt. But my mom does not give up and just growls and mohutněji better.
Grandma Badua, it's terribly clever Tibetan mastiff, since I have to learn, says mister. Grandma cares for me, I go to her rest, vykusuje me and just cares for me. But if you want to play and she wants to give me too well do I know and respect immediately.

The largest is the comfort and fun evening. It got a little rush when everyone looked at me mom, aunt and grandmother come running and play. I do not have a chance to beat them all, and I do a lot of girl. That you would not believe me how to arrange and allocate tasks and always catch me, oh oh.

Mister and missus I'm quite satisfied and said that I do not do any great mischief.
I'll go into a greenhouse, dig it a little bit, but just a little, my grandmother Badua was better, the straight přesázela everything, but what I enjoy is to take out the pots and take them on. Of all prefer to take panicked tools, of course when they are not looking! But if you want to play with her owner just provoke him by giving him tools take you, if I see sees me and then quickly flee a short walk away where you lie down and wait for me to chase around the garden and it's pretty fast even though I must admit mister that is also pretty highly trained and has good speed.

I almost forgot about the trips, can you předtavit four Tibetan Mastiffs on one leash? Yeah, it works. And it behooves us fairly. Grandma Badua and Mom Arka are bright colors, and I have Aunt Bora black and tan, and we go town or village and all look at us as we go pretty orderly. Mister us, but deserts to leave because he knows that we do not enjoy it on a leash and we also ran. So why go to the nursery at the training center for puppies, where we learn to listen to owner, we just could walk without a leash.

Walking through the woods and mountains are great and I drive a car. There's great. It's such our next house on wheels, which is pleasant and wonderful to sleep there.

Already I have had a few dog shows and I was very successful. That's because I coached little Natalka (daughter Wives 2 years). We go along on a leash, teach me show position and gives me a reward pellets and I also combing and then I'm beautiful. It's also true that Natalka's is a little girl and when occasionally shot at the science Natalka guide me, but Natalka learns quickly and he knows the ropes and panicked so I have to listen to me.
I wrote about it enough, and if you're wondering what you can do in the garden with our family take a trip to look at us or would you perhaps afraid of four cute girls

Someone goes under our garden so excuse me. Indian, Mom, this is already running, wait for me woof, woof, woof .....

Dora Re-Hla