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Wow, I'm Bora ...
It's hard to believe, but I'm here! My name is Bora Re-Hla and I litter my mom and I Badu younger sister Arky Re-Hla.
Do not you see that I'm black and tan, huh? And yet you do not know that I was born the same day as my sister, but just a year later, ie 13.02.2010. I was third in line and discover what you can.
My sister Arka, so that shows me and learn wonderful things that I really like, but when we watch owners I have a feeling that they do not understand.
So be happy and I'm hunting mice in it better than a really good sister Arka and says mister as good as mom Badu. Just Wives do not like my methods, always a little flowerbed edit or trees when I need to catch the mouse.
But mister's probably not understand about the mice hunted.
Bad Mom teaches me jump the fence when they go around horses or deer when Bečej evening, because when I was little I did not see the fence, so I had to learn it, and now I see what runs out for interesting animals. Mom left it watching big sis Arce and itself to us only supervises and I'm helping Arc as possible.
When we want a garden under a canine friend, so we have all three go see and talk, how are you, as owners do not listen to me, and how, dogs, we have too heavy.
When owners go to sleep I check whether the garden lady, everything cleaned up when there forgets something interesting, I'll take it now and do some cleaning lady with her owner, and the next day looking for it and believe me, it is great fun. but it is interesting that this lady always very fast next day needs ....

Regularly go to owners in our little house to control a small yellow legged friend Natálka who is a month younger than me. Jump up and lean against the bed, I look at her, she smiles at me and I start to run around like crazy little house then talk, lady pulls her out of bed and I lick her friendly and go out again to tell me something did not escape.
In the garden I care too parrots that are looking to go into the aviary. But it's interesting when you jump on their aviary, so I always fly away, but the most fun is with hens. When I was little, so I hunt. I grabbed it by the tail and ran to my mom and my sis Badu Arc, to see that I know how to hunt, too. But then, somehow reluctant hen, wings flapping and still protested, so here it therefore then released.
The second month I go to dog school with his owner at the training center and learn different commands, it is a terrible chore. There's a lot of dog friends and together we learn and play too.

Go there with me and the missus Ark, but Ark is very clever, mister said Arka repeat the training course, because running wild over the holidays, when I had to learn everything and she is a little puppy again.
I love to do, but I prefer when the break. It would rather lie down somewhere and checking if all they are doing everyone properly, but praises me mister, that's about what I'm doing as it should be.
I also go for walks into town, to markets and to the restaurant, that's fine, but I'm tired of my mom Badu and the Arc to always looking forward to coming by car and know new people. I can not wait to get home and together we will go for long walks in the woods with his owner.
Most funny when we go on a leash and my mom and sister do me a personal guard, and I'm in the middle.
But it's still the best in your garden around six in the evening, that all three love to play and run around the garden and jumping and Mom Badu, it is very handy mom, now angry and rebuke us, grabs fur, beat out, proklepe Arko and we listen again like clockwork.
Oh it is, I gotta go, mister us take a picture of it and therefore there really must not be missed. So another day with us or our station.
pac and mouth Bora